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Utah and Federal Tax Preparation Services

Ulrich & Associates offers comprehensive individual tax services for all individual tax filings and returns. Our Utah individual tax services cover every aspect of your individual tax planning, payments, filings, and tax returns. We help you get the maximum benefits by thoroughly reviewing your eligibility for standard or itemized tax deductions and planning your taxes accordingly.

Avoid Individual Tax Form Headaches

Preparing your own income tax returns can be a major headache. Individuals can be left with more questions than answers, and can end up missing out on thousands of dollars in tax refunds due to missing forms or tax credits. Today’s tax laws are complicated, and the Affordable Care Act has made it even more complicated for individuals. It is too easy to overlook a tax credit or tax deduction that you are entitled to receive. Even if you use a tax software program, you can still miss out on some tax credits or tax deductions.

Our Professional Tax Services

When you contact Ulrich & Associates to handle your personal income taxes, we will thoroughly examine each page to ensure there are no errors or problems. The IRS uses software programs to identify potential problems that will cause your return to be rejected. We work hard to ensure nothing is missing and we will electronically file your taxes so you receive your refund faster.

Individual Tax Planning Services

Not only do we take care of this year’s taxes, we will help you potential deductions that reduce your tax liability next year. We will help you review your withholdings to make sure you aren’t giving the IRS a loan and you get to keep more money each month instead! If you would like to receive more information about personal income tax filing, contact Ulrich & Associated today (801)627-2100.